What ever happened to the Rodriguez Stellar?

I've had a small run of emails recently asking if we still make the Stellar. As most of you remember, the Stellar was our women's specific model of bicycle. The Stellar was produced in 4 sizes, and one color (we called it Night Sky Purple). The Stellar was produced from 1996 until 2006, and became an industry standard. If you ride in the Northwest, I'm sure you've seen one or two of them around. We sold thousands of them.

Well, after 10 years of the bikes the same color, we discovered that our customers wanted some more options. We also discovered that we could produce more than just 4 sizes around women's geometries. You'll find all of the research and development of those 4 Stellar sizes in our sizes 1S through 4S (in 25 different models), but now we've extended our sizing line-up to 18 production sizes plus custom . Many of the production sizes are women's specific. The paint options have expanded to 4 different designs + custom colors on request, and the decal options have grown to nine different options as well.

Instead of just one model designed to fit women, we now have 25 models with women's specific geometry. That's right....25! Every one of those 25 models comes in any color or any number of different color/decal options. That's more models with more variety than any other manufacturer that we know of.

So now, if you're looking for a women's specific designed bicycle, you're not limited to just a few models....you can choose from any model we make! How's that for women's specific? Simply select a bike style from the menu on the left of our home page.

The same.....only much, much better.

Styles available in Rodriguez women's sizes