Dear folks, We are back from a great month of touring Spain and Turkey and really loved having our own bikes. We first rode for a little over a week from Granada down to Cape Trafalgar. Looks all down hill on the map, but NO. We did about 24,000' altitude gain and loved those granny gears. Pavement in Turkey is really an overstatement. They call it chip seal, but it is nothing like ours.....more like 1" gravel with enough tar to hold it together! And, the lines on the road are merely a suggestion for the drivers! We rode for 10 days from Selcuk down the coast to Anatolya. It was a wonderful trip not only through beautiful country, but through time....villages that were much like 100 years ago and ruins from 3000 BC everyday. Beautiful people, great trip. The riding along the Aegean and the Mediterranean is outstanding.

Meanwhile, the only real problem that we had with the bikes was severe "chain suck" and although we had two people work on them here in Colorado, it took awhile still in Europe to eliminate that problem (mostly). So, both of our bikes are pretty dinged up and we would like to have some touch up paint to put on them so that we don't get rust, etc. Can you send us some? My bike is the light blue. Andy's is the black and red. We'd like to get them cleaned up before our next trip.

I'll see if we have a good photo for you to post on your website when I get to going through them.

Thanks alot.....We can't wait to travel with the bikes again.

Wendy Cookler