September, 2009

Well, my bike arrived late yesterday afternoon. Brett was already checking to see if it arrived. I managed to get it out of the box and then I was totally intimidated and afraid to touch anything else. My husband came home and started putting everything together in between hockey practice and school meeting and then I took my first test ride at 6 am.

I felt very much in control of the bike. I felt amazingly balanced and secure. No wobbling or feeling that I was not in command. I just played with switching the gears and we live on a 3 mile loop on a challenging slope.

I felt comfortable for the short time I was out. I did not have any back, hip or neck pain during my ride. A longer ride, might tell me more. And my symptoms after my ride might help me key into certain areas.

I love the lightness of the bike and I love the pedal system. It took me a while to tell if I was in the clips or not and all I have to due is rotate slightly to get out. My other clips I had to rotate hard and pull out very that itself gave me more confidence.

So that is the initial story with more to come. This is definitely the best birthday present I ever received.

Thanks for being speedy with it. And thanks for all both of your guidance and support. Look forward to problem solving more ahead.


Ps. My initial goals are to learn the names and functions of all my bike parts, learn how to change a flat, learn the correct posture I should be in, and ride many miles.