Hi Dan

Just thought I would touch base with you as phase one of this years Europe trip ends. As you can see our lovely bike now has a name "Mama Cass" to reflect her plumpness as a single but lovely nature.

What can I say about the last 3 weeks she and I have had together in the Alps and Southern Vercours apart from stunning, fantastic, awesome etc etc. She has exceeded all my expectations as a solo. Especialy with the load she had on board. It was hard of course cllimbing as I had about 45kgs of bike and gear as Sue is joining me in London with her middle section, so I had the big tent and the stuff for the two of us. Ready for the leg from Copenhagen back to Geneva starting on the 9th of July.

Going downhill and some of them were like 20 to 30 km long, the only thing that curtailed my speed was the road surface, looking at the veiws and scraping the front panneirs on the ground when cornering. I have posted most of the text on CGOAB and hopefully will get some photos up in the near future. Use any of the photos or text or make a link to your srcap book, I have no hestiation in recommending the 8 ball in solo mode any way to any one.

Needless to say she has created quite a bit of interest as we have been riding around.

I won't bore you any more, but thanks for a lovely, lovely bike.

Take care Brian