My dear Smiley,
Thank you so much for helping to adjust my bike, replace old handlebars with better handle bars, and giving me tips on how to properly keep my arms and hands while riding. We just had a nice vacation in Oregon and Eastern Washington with some nice little excursions on local greenways and bike paths. My hands did not go numb as they used to do! Sweeeet!! ! And even though I am an older and very amateur cyclist, I had much less trouble with hilly sections of trails: less stress in hands/arms= more power to legs!

I am looking forward even more to this summer's riding days, thanks to your expertise!

And now that I have returned home, I can test out your fishing tips too! I am thinking a nice trout breakfast for Dad will be a great Father's Day gift :)

Buying my bicycle from your shop was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Thank you so much!

Debra Hall