Thanks to the entire crew at R&E for building me a bike that fits so well, it feels like an extension of my body. As a first year rider, I had so much to learn about road bikes and am so glad my friends recommended a rodriguez. Smiley made my decision easy by giving me an excellent fit and offering his candid advice on the best bike for me. Scott helped me navigate "shifting 101" because I had no idea what the heck I was doing half of the time. John taught me how to take care of my bike on and off the road and thanks to him I just changed my first flat all by myself!! I've always felt well taken care of by everyone at R&E and LOVE my rodriguez!! I just finished my first big ride - Courage Classic 2006 - three mountain passes, three days, one cause. Attached is a photo of me holding my beautiful bike at the top of Stevens. Thanks to all of you at R&E - I LOVE MY RODRIGUEZ!!!

Dan: I would like to add - I LOVE MY RODRIGUEZ!!!!! Ok, honestly I went from a Huffy bike (purchased at Costco for $125) to a rodriguez so it was an easy sell for me - but I am thrilled to have had such great service at R&E - from the fitting all the way into the service department. Extra thanks goes to Smiley who convinced me I needed the race bike which has become an extension of my body on the road. Special shout out to Scott who talked me through shifting 101 and John for helping me learn how to best care for my bike on the road and off. Everyone is so cool at R&E and it is apparent they love what they do.

This is my first ever Courage Classic tour - I bought my rodriguez specifically for this event because Rosemarie and Marie convinced me I would suffer a fate worse than death riding a Huffy up 7000'. I will ride my Big Blue rodriguez up those mountain passes with great pride and say 'hey...nice bike!' to all the other rodriguez' owners along the way. Thanks for making such a great product.