finally finished building this up early this morning. Pictures don't really do it justice.

Took me so long because i was going to just use what was in my parts bin, but I couldn't do that to this frame. So I kept it light, but went out and got a Dura Ace 7800/7900 drive train (the last mechanical ten speed), Ritchey WCS bar and fork (wet black, does real well with the glossy black of the frame), Thomson zero offset seat post in silver. I've got some Look carbon pedals on it now, but eventually will stick on some Shimano SPD sport's (for a touring bike I like having shoes I can walk around in and the Looks are actually heavier).

Not that I'm a weight weenie, but the fork did add some heft (well worth it, the shape is classic and with the Paul's it has a really special look) and I did want to try and keep it to 20 lbs fully loaded, which is about where it is.

Inaugural ride Sunday, a bit annoyed with that degree of delayed gratification, but can't get out before then. I'll send you a note, let you know if it rides as good as it looks.

Geoff S

Geoff's new Rodriguez with bar end shifters from the front Geoff's new Rodriguez with bar end shifters side shot