June 10, 2008

Hello Dan,

Hi This is John from NY , Im the person that sort of influenced you changing your website to state $125.00 per wheel vs $125.00 per pair.

As mentioned I said I would get back to you when My new frame was up and running...

I love the brakes!!! I had a bit of a tussle getting the rear set up as I was using a wide (Salsa) hangar so I called and one of your guys advised using a normal small hanger in the rear.

That did the trick. My first ride with the brakes and the new frame was Sunday on a 100K lots of climbing (1400 + feet total)

So lots of down hill and some steep ones, the brakes were super!!

Modulation was very smooth and without any noticeable fade, NO front fork chatter and QUIET!!!

Although its weird the brakes do squeal some times at slow speed (mostly the rear when I squeeze hard, IE : in traffic at creep speed) but screaming downhill at 39 MPH no noise, no chatter!!!

Actually I was hoping I didn't need to use the FORK CROWN mount cable hanger as I did with the other Cantis (only thing that prevented chatter) . I took a chance and used a standard headset hanger with your brake.


So Good Job captain. I can now put the shimanos, pauls, and tektros in the junk bin or ?? or junkyard frame project , but on my new touring frame Big squeeze are staying.

BTW - One of the wrenches at a very good shop I use now and then (not many by me) looked at the brakes and gave them a try he was pretty impressed.

Again it was a bit trickey getting them dialed in but well worth the effort!

Have a great day