February 2005

Hello Dan,
I am certain you are aware of how great Smiley is to work with. I have not been on a bike since I was about 14 (about 23 years...yikes!) Regardless, I am riding from Seattle to Peoria, AZ in March (I have put together a team of riders...we will relay down in 8 days). So bike shopping was a little intimidating... Of course I spent many hours test driving many bikes... I had settled on a Bianchi... Then my sister-in-laws partner, Deb Armstrong suggested I visit R&E before I buy... I was feeling the pressure of getting in seat time and a week before Christmas I was on my way to a local store near Greenlake :-) to buy a Bianchi... My husband said he knew of a little shop that when he bought his bike years ago was so helpful... He really thought I should check it out... We pulled up to R&E... From the minute I walked in Smiley was so helpful... Willing to spend whatever time I needed educating me and fitting me. He did not try to sell me the most expensive everything... but helped me understand where to put dollars that count... and where I could get the same thing for less... He came in before work to fit me... and go for a test ride... Which I understand is not unusual for him to do for customers... but it is DEFINITELY unusual in the industry... I was not feeling confident about my choice as I was on my way to Greenlake... After working with Smiley, I feel so confident that I understand what I am buying... and that if I have any questions he will take the time to answer them... as long as he is at R&E... He even helped me find a bike for my 13 year old... If if listed all the points that have impressed me I would have a short dissertation on Smiley... I am sure that Smiley has a lot to do with your shops reputation... He is a wonderful employee and it shows how much he truly loves his job... You are very fortunate to have him....

Warm Regards,