Hello Smiley,
Les Doane here with word about the Adventure bike I picked up in January.

It would have been easy to write a glowing report with the excitement of bringing home the new bike; I figured it would be more meaningful to put some miles on it and then give some feedback.

Simply put, every component of the bike indicates to me the level of commitment that the team at R&E puts into listening to the customer and orchestrating a unique, appropriate whole. As some one who has had to accommodate the available products in life, it was startling to experience the efficiencies of a properly fitted frame. The Davinci cranks, while expensive, are truly wonderful. I do look for every opportunity to get out and ride and I come back satisfied and wake up the next day feeling stretched, not sore. I get out and ride what I have always liked to ride and look forward to those opportunities that I may have passed on previously; it just feels great to be on the bike.

The fit and finish of the work is much appreciated. The balance and beauty of the composition is something I am proud to own and hope you feel proud to have produced. I could not be more pleased with the bike. Once flu season and the freezing fogs are over, I look forward to pushing the riding schedule up further.

Once again, to all of you that worked so harmoniously and meticulously, thank you for a job well done.

Les Doane