July 2011

We have owned our Toucan for about 4 1/2 years now and had a spring break on the front derailleur. I stopped at a local bike shop but didn't feel comfortable with their advice. When we got home I called your shop and talked with a mechanic (John). He was very helpful. He sent me (sold) the proper derailleur. I also told him our rear shifter was "mushey." He diagnosed a broken shifter. He also sold me the parts to rebuild the shifter and encouraged me to watch the YouTube video and do it myself. The parts arrived, no problems with the front derailleur but problems with the rebuild. I had to call John a couple of times, he walked me through the problems now the shifter works great. Please tell John he did a great job.

When I was working (now retired) we blamed most problems on poor management. So in this case I should credit good management with the great job John did so I've enclosed $10 so you can treat yourself and John to coffee.

Mark Bailey

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