June 2011

Hi, Scott

Hope all's going well at Rodriguez Bicycles. I'm absolutely in love with my Rainier. It now has 940 miles on it & it's the best fitting, most comfortable bike I've ever owned. I've ridden it with fully loaded rear panniers once & on one multi-day ride doing 47, 62, 85 & 83-mile days. It's handles so beautifully that I'm still amazed over it. One new surprise for me concerning the frame geometry & the bigger triangle: the top tube fits on my old Hollywood bike rack! No longer do I have to put the top tube on one arm & the down tube on the other one. Sucker fits like a normal bike should now. I don't have a bike maintenance stand so I use the old Hollywood bike rack for that purpose. You all did such a perfect job of making MY bike. Thanks again.