It's not often I can say that I am happy that I have parted with a large chunk of money, but I have to tell you I can honestly say that about the bicycle you sold me. I have been riding my new set of wheels for the past few days and I am in awe! Because I new to the sport, for lack of a better word this bike seems "powerful". It eats up hills like their non existent and absolutely screams on the flats. I'd guess I should wear an R&E shirt around Gig Harbor to advertise for you! Great job Smiley! Thanks a million for help making the transition from running to biking easy and for patiently answering all of my dumb questions!

Mike Harle

PS You were right; riding the bike actually seems therapeutic for my hip. I don't understand the physiology of it but my back and hip feel a lot better after I ride for awhile than they did before I mounted up.