Just wanted to thank Smiley and John.

I recently had my brought my bike by the shop to have my chain checked, because it kept coming off while going into low gear. I took it to another shop and they tried to repair it several times, and still could not fix it. They told me that it was just an entry level bike, and that I should expect that problem. I was becoming a little flustered by this time.

I have two friends that had purchased Rodriquez bikes and they told me to take it to R&E and they could repair it for me. By this time I was a little reluctant, but I took it in. WOW! what service....I walked in told Smiley my problem, and he introduced me to John (mechanic) John looked at the bike and within a few minutes adjusted the derailleur and went out and rode the bike, and its works!!!!

I also bought a bike bag while I was there and one of the salesmen (sorry didn't catch his name) offered to install it for me at no charge.I was a little shocked at the service I received at the shop, because I had never experienced service like that before.I will recommend that others go to R&E for service and sales. R&E is what I would call a real bicycle shop with real service. You have definitely won a new customer advocate!!!!!!

Thank you......Nina Marchbanks