June 2010

Dear Dan,

I have just completed my 6th annual week-long tour in the Rockies with the UTB. Between the tours, training for them, and just riding for fun I have put about 10,000 miles on the UTB since buying it in 2004. Apart from a few dings, the bike is still in excellent condition and I have had no problems with it. As you know I am hoping to have it repainted with a few upgrades next winter, using some of the $1600 or so in savings generated from not having to pay airline fees to take it on planes with me.

To me, it is especially remarkable that I have had no derailleur problems from all this disassembly / assembly, and equally amazing that both your beautiful hand built wheels are still as true as can be without ever having had any adjustments made to them.

I want to encourage anyone considering a UTB to take the plunge. It has exceeded my high expectations and I know they will be pleased.

Ron Podraza