June 30, 2004

I just received my new Rodriguez S3 bike at the start of this triathlon season and what a way to start out! I was riding a carbon fiber triathlon bike for many years so I was concerned about the weight of my new S3 bike. Well I was so happy when the bike frame tipped the scales at only 2.2 pounds and my complete bike is lighter than my old carbon fiber bike! I now have a 17 pound complete bike made of steel. The ride is great! The steel frame rides smooth and comfortable! Last weekend in my first 1/2 Ironman race of the season I recorded a bike split 10 minutes faster than last year! My great custom fit keeps me comfortable in the aero position and the light and responsive frame climbs great!

I made one more change this year too. Most of my summers are spent racing in triathlons, but this summer my husband and I are traveling to France to ride in the Alps and watch a few days of the Tour de France! With all the climbing I wanted to set my bike up for road riding and I made the switch to Campagnolo Ergo levers. I prefer these over the Shimano STI for many reasons. One is the ease of shifting with the ergo. My small hands have no problems shifting these levers. The travel or throw on the STI levers was always too long and so hard to do with my small hands. The Ergo levers just fit my hands well so it is a comfortable position for riding all day.