Been meaning to send you this email for a while as customer feedback - feel free to share with other customers. I think over 3 months is enough time to give my feedback on my custom Rod.

In short, I think the Rod may be the best bike i've ever had.

When we started the build, I had some unconventional requirements (performance frame with 26" wheels with downtube shift bosses and canti and disc compatible). I wanted a do everything bike and you guys hit it spot on. What i appreciated the most was that you listened to my design needs yet gave me honest input on requirements that were just wrong. Case in point - I wanted a more agressive headtube angle as I feared the orignal design would be too sluggish. After consultation, we stuck with your original headtube angle and the bike is more responsive than my road bike.

While I had you put disc tabs on the frame for the potential of using disc brakes, I fear i may never use them. The Rodcycles canti brakes have great stopping power so I think I may just stick with them - they look nice too.

You and your team knew the kind of rider I am and really delivered a bike that is custom more than just in geometry - it's also custom in construction as I believe it can deliver the performance I need in a bike. Now, I want a second.

This bike is quick, stable, without BB flex, and fun to ride.

Thanks again for the great work you all did.