September 9, 2007

To all the staff at R & E cycles.

My father recently passed away, and one of his last requests was that I move back to Colorado to be close to my mom. I honored his wishes. When I arrived back, I suggested to my mother that we have a tandem built especially for us. I am so glad I called on Mr. Angel Rodriguez's company. The bike has been more than we could have even imagined it could be.

My mother is 62. She has taken a "spin" class years ago. Other than that she has no experience on a bike. She has never even ridden a bike on the street. Well here we are only four months and a few hundred miles later, my mom's just a natural. We recently rode up the canyon to Estes Park Colorado. It was grueling, even for me. But my mom was tough, she hung in there and pumped those little legs for hours right along with me until we got to the top. Only a real cyclist can appreciate such an effort. You know what I mean. There are not many 62 years old that can claim such a feat. You know what they say, "What goes up, must come down". And come down we did, my mom can't see the computer on the bike when we're on the go. Which is probably a very good thing. If she would have know that we were hitting speeds of 50..51...52.....53!!!! miles an hour, she would have Sh*& her pants. She loved it! I mean this old lady is hooked she's ready to get herself a single. She mentioned calling Rodriguez cycles to have one built. Maybe for Christmas.

YOUR bicycle has played a vital role in bringing us close once again, But more importantly, your bicycle has helped in easing the pain of losing a loved one. For that we are forever grateful for your dedicated effort in putting 110% into what is obviously your passion, building the best bicycles available to the public.

Victor and Eliosa