June 6, 1994June 6. l994

R+E Cycles
5627 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Thanks for the most recent newsletter you sent out to your mailing list.

A few years ago I rode your bike ride from the end of the North Shore Road on Hood Canal and I remember sitting for several minutes at the rest stop talking about kayaking. You suggested I go see Lee & Judy Moyer to talk about kayaking. I ended up buying two new kayaks from them and have been very involved in the sport.

Also, I have continued my cycling and recently shifted my emphasis from mountain bikes to road bikes.

My main reason for writing was to let you know that out here in the bicycle world I hear nothing but good things about you and your cycling shops. Sometimes we don't hear what is going well but more of what all is wrong.

I bought my road bike from one of your competitors down this way but recently I sent my lady friend in for some cycle talk and possible solutions to her particular problems. She was happy with what your repairperson had to say and has an appointment next week to rebuild her gears and tune things up. Also, I had seen an article by you about pain that is particular to women. She was having some of that and on the advice of this same person her seat has been tapped a bit and yesterday she felt some relief.

Thanks for continuing your efforts and I will stop in one of these days and chat with you for a minute or two.

Keep up the good work. Your truly appreciated.


Walt Beopple