The Devil's in the Details
When we say 'Fit to Finish' we mean right down to the nitty gritty details.
In the picture below on the left are rolls of padding designed for your new travel bike. Two rolls are included with your new Rodriguez Travel bike padding so you can protect your new frame from dings, dents and scratches during transport. Some manufacturers include padding, some don't. Make sure to take this into consideration as the padding will run about $75 extra if not included by your manufacturer.
R+E cycles - Making the Cut
$200 ($275 Tandem)
The botton picture is what your padding looks like when you include the custom cut padding option on your new Rodriguez bicycle. We will custom size each peice to fit all of the parts on your new bike. Every bicycle is different, so the padding has to be cut for that specific bike. We will also label every pad with a permanent paint pen. This process alone takes us about 2 - 3 hours each bike, but we've done hundreds of them. For the first timer, we estimate 4 to 6 hours to cut and label all the padding (not to mention the benefit of having the padding cut by someone with ample experience).

Custom fitted protective padding is just one of the many things we do differently here at R+E Cycles.

S&S padding in the 'roll' state that it comes in. Some manufacturers include it with a travel bike, others charge you extra for it.

Rodriguez Travel bike Upgrade - S&S padding that is measured, custom-fitted and labeled by an R+E Cycles technician.

Fit to Finish - Only at R+E Cycles