August 7, 2008

Dan and Amber:

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for sponsoring the Rodriquez Girl's team this year for Courage Classic!! There were 5 of us strong on Courage Classic this year with our trusty steeds. Marie, Rosemarie, Darlene, Marlene and myself. Day one started a bit wet. Naturally our super clean bikes quickly became covered in rain and mud as we rode through the rain and construction heading towards Snoqualmie Pass. Luckily the rain let up about 20 miles into the ride but we resembled mountain bikers more so that roadies. At the top of Snoqualmie Pass it was freezing at 47 degrees. Our teeth chattered as we flew down the pass heading for warmer weather in Cle Elum. I rode BB (Big Blue) this year and she and I flew down that pass and through the farmlands like a horse returning to the barn. The hotel staff in Cle Elum was wonderful to give us sheets to put our bikes on and clean rags to clean our bikes! We spent a good amount of time cleaning our trusty steeds and we were ready for the next 2 days of riding mountain passes with a few less pounds of mud left in Cle Elum. Attached is a photo of us at the top of Blewett Pass! We had a tremendous amount of fun seeing other Rodriquez riders and chatting it up about our bikes. I met one woman on the ride (Nancy) who commented on how clean the welds were on my bike. I said "Yup, made in Seattle at R&E and you can go to the shop and meet the welder if you wish!" I hope you see Nancy come into the shop sometime soon!

Thanks again for making the best bikes in the world!!
Ele, Marie, Rosemarie, Darlene and Marlene