Every time I ride my S3 with those new DT190's, I have this silly smile on my face, and all I can say is: "wow", "my oh my", "this has to be illegal". I can't believe how easily I can feel the acceleration with each pedal stroke, the amazing ease of climbing, and the speed on the flats. On streets where I used to be doing 20 mph with effort it is now 22-23. When riding with Lakemont Cycling club, the heavier riders would always blow by me on the downhill stretches- now I can keep with them except for one guy (he has DT 190's, Edge carbon wheels and he out weighs me).

As I told you about my first ride around the south loop of Lake Washington, I cut 6 minutes off my two year old PR. On saturday, in spite of 15- 20 mph head winds, drizzle, and an ice pellet shower, I was two minutes faster than my old PR, and that was after 50 miles earlier in the day!

The wheels stayed true on saturday- so I think we can be optimistic. The Record components are so smooth it is amazing.

Thanks for getting me so stoked for the new cycling season and thanks for checking in!