Spent a lot of time really dialing things in, and I hope to get out for a short ride this evening if the weather is ok. Otherwise, I'll do another shakedown in my high rise parking lot(like last night).

I must say that I am very impressed with the R&E shop workmanship quality, and everyone's incredible attention to detail. John greased every bolt, and you have just been great. I know I speak for Tracy as well, and we would love to have you and the wife (and John, etc.) over for dinner sometime. Tracy is a fantastic cook.

I am planning on picking up the bike early tomorrow. Any luck with the stem? I hope the machining of the rear derailleur fixes the shifting. It's even more frustrating now--the 10s stuff not only shifts better on the Rod bike than it did on the Giant, it shifts better than the fancy 11s! Something's not right about that; come on Campy, get your act together.

While John is messing around with that stem, maybe he can figure out what the metallic creak/crack sound is that happens intermittingly. It is driving me nuts, and my frustration indirectly caused me to shear that bolt!

The only problem with the Rod bike is how am I going to bring myself to ride it in the rain. it is a beautiful bike, and I know I am going to love it.

Thanks again,

Tom M on his Blue and White Rodriguez